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Bayleaf is committed to operating its business in a way which is safe for its employees, clients and third parties, including the public.

“Bayleaf is dedicated to developing, maintaining and continually improving, effective and efficient processes and systems to prevent injury and ill health. We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and to ensuring the safety of others affected by our operations”.

We pursue this commitment by:

  • Applying a risk-based approach to setting measurable health and safety objectives as part of our overall business strategy;
  • Providing appropriate training, information and supervision to ensure that personal responsibilities are discharged in a safe, reliable and competent manner;
  • Providing adequate funding and resources that contribute towards a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Complying with occupational health and safety legislation and, as appropriate, other codes of practice, standards or requirements as may be specified by our clients;
  • Implementing arrangements for managing emergency situations, accidents, ill-health and first aid;
  • Communicating openly with our employees and others affected by our operations and encouraging feedback;
  • Monitoring, auditing and reviewing our management systems in order to ensure its continued suitability;
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of the management system, to improve overall health and safety performance;
  • Proactively working with the industry to improve health and safety.

Management systems are maintained to meet and exceed the requirements of this policy statement and British Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

We look to our employees for support in making this policy truly effective on behalf of the company.

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