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Bayleaf is committed to a comprehensive and ever developing policy of assuring the quality of our service to all clients.

In the pursuit of this aim, our objective is to provide an efficient and professional service, carried out using controlled practices and to standards which are consistently maintained.

“Bayleaf is one of the most innovative and reliable service contractors. We are committed to providing excellent services in all the sectors we are engaged in. We deliver best-in-class value to our customers and aspire to lead the development of industry best practice in all of our operations.” 

We reinforce this commitment by:

  • Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations;
  • Ensuring that the necessary competent personnel, infrastructure and operating processes are in place to service the business needs of the company;
  • Providing the necessary information, training and supervision to ensure a well trained competent workforce, using the best industrial practices;
  • Implementing systems for measurement, analysis and improvement of services, products, and the management system;
  • Setting and reviewing effective and measurable, objectives and targets needed to ensure that the requirements of this policy are met and that continual improvement is maintained in line with the spirit of the policy;
  • The regular audit and review of our management system’s performance in order to ensure its continued suitability;
  • Encouraging feedback from both customers and employees.

Within this Policy we are committed to operating our company under the disciplines and control of a Quality Management System conforming to the International Standard IS0 9001:2015.

All personnel are responsible for adhering to the company’s quality requirements. These requirements are communicated to all members of staff through our management system and those procedures relevant to each employee’s duties.

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